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Al Nadeem International in 2006 register in the sultanate of Oman as SME (Small Medium Enterpriser), the co-founder of Al Nadeem International Mr. Nadeem Yousef Al Balushi set the company structures based on international stranded. And decide to participate in the development of the Sultanate of Oman. Throughout in the Government, Private and Local community sectors.

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Mr. Nadeem Yousef Al Balushi, start from the main activity Construction of the Building (Residential and Commercial) including Excavation of Building foundation.  After completing the several Projects decide to add Activity Mountain cutting in 2009. After completing few project for the earthworks, Co-Founder add a new activities Construction of the Infractures including, Construction of the Asphalt Roads, construction of the Track road, Access Roads for the OHL Towers as main and sub-contractors. During this turn over we completed many projects which is in detail described in the Project list. We are providing our services last 17 Years in the market with successful completion of the projects.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Al Nadeem International vision is link with the Sultanate of Oman vision to build a country and whatever we can participation in the development of Sultanate of Oman we will do our best till end.

Our Mission

Al Nadeem International mission is to fulfil our respected client’s requirements on time and with quality delivery of the work.

Organizational Chart

Our Services

Al Nadeem International is here to understand the requirements of your projects and providing you best solution of the requirements. Al Nadeem International can fulfil your requirements with our more than enough heavy equipment’s Plant and technical expert’s teams.

Construction of Building

Al Nadeem International started from the main activity of the construction of the Building, Residential and commercial in the Government and Private including inside the Local Omani Community.

Under the Main Activity of the construction of Building we are providing sub services if need as individual one of following,

     Construction of the Boundary wall

     Construction of the Boundary Fence

     Construction of the Plaster

     Construction of the Tile work

     Construction of the MEP work

     Construction of the Swimming pool

     Construction of fixing interlocks and  kerbstone


Al Nadeem International is providing Excavation services for the small and large scale projects, in all fields including Oil & Gas sector with our expert operators and technical team to manage the site.

In the Excavation services Al Nadeem international is providing following sub activates.

     Excavation for the Building Foundation

     Excavation for the OHL Tower

     Excavation for Pipeline Trench work (DI & HDPE Lines with any dia

             Minimum to maximum).

     Excavation for Fiber optic cable trench work

Mountain Cutting

Al Nadeem International providing Mountain Cutting Services for the Normal soil to Black gabbro stone cutting.

With the large scale of the Heavy machinery Al Nadeem International completed many projects for the Mountain Cutting project for the following activates.

Mountain and Benching cutting for the, Road, Foundations, Reservoirs, OHL Towers, Pipeline works and many more areas depends on the nature of the project.

Plot Development

Al Nadeem International providing the services for the Plot Development after cutting or excavating the Natural surface to reached required level, and to obtaining FGL Al Nadeem International using the imported material as per project requirements layer by layer with completed plot development package including

     Unloading Imported Material to specific place

     Mixing the material on the dump area with water

     Laying on the Bed, spreading with the Grader

     After laying and watering start compaction to obtain the 96 to

            100 FDT Result.

Construction of the Road

Construction of the road is the key to get the access for the transportation and make easy life for move.

Al Nadeem International is making following Roads,

     Access Track roads for the OHL Tower

     Access Track roads for the Network Tower

     Access Track roads for the reservoirs

     Access Track roads for the Houses

     Internal Asphalt Roads

RAW Material supply

Al Nadeem International is providing the RAW Material as much as quantity and specification required all around the sultanate of Oman.

Providing following material,


     Sub base

     Sub grade



     And as per requirements

Over Head Line (OHL)

Al Nadeem International is provider of Overhead Line (OHL) services, specializing in the construction, maintenance, and modernization of electrical power distribution infrastructure in Oman with a commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainability, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the energy sector

Al Nadeem International is providing following OHL Services,

     High Voltage (HV) Over Head Lines

     Low Voltage (LV) Over Head Lines

     Modernization and Upgrades of OHL

    Underground High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) Lines



Al Nadeem International (ANT) is a well-known provider of advanced telecommunications services, specializing in cutting-edge fiber optic cable solutions. With a commitment to connectivity, innovation, and superior service, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the telecommunications industry.

We are providing following Telecommunication Services

   Fiber Optic Cable Installation

     Fiber Optic Cable Underground Installation

     Telecommunication Tower Installation

     Business Solutions


"The Best View Comes after the Hardest Climb"

Nadeem Yousef Al Baluchi

Filed Equipments

CAT Excavator

Hitachi Excavators

Komatsu Excavator

CAT 345                                   5 No’s
CAT 349                                  2 No’s
CAT 385                                  3 No’s

PC 350                                       4 No’s
PC 450                                       1 No’s
PC 300                                        5 No’

PC 350                                          2 No’s
PC 450                                          2 No’s
PC 220                                          3 No’s

CAT Dozer

CAT/ Hitachi Wheel Loader

CAT Dum p Truck 40 Ton

CAT D8R                                     2 No’s

CAT Wheel Loader                       3 No’s
Hitachi Wheel Loader                 2 No’s

CAT 740B Articulated Truck           12 No’s

Our Recent Projects

Projects Name



Project Status

Property Development At Qaryat Qurum, Rock Excavation & Hill Cutting Qty 32000 Cub M. 2019 Al – Adnan Int Llc. Completed
Backfill Of Sub-Structure Of Oman Convention &Exhibition Centre Qty 4,5000 Cub M. 2019 Carillion Alawi / Al
Awazi Int Llc.
Riprap Works For Muscat Hills Golf Club Qty 11500 Sq.M. 2019 Muscat Hills/ L & T Completed
Installation Of Interlock ,Kerb Stone App. Qty 8,000 Sq. Mtrs. 2019 Muscat Hills/ L & T Completed
Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park Project (Phase 1) 2019 Ottco/Velosi Completed
Supervision Of Backwash Channel At Saro Sohar 2019 Sos.Llc/ Velosi Completed
Sumail Rop Work 2019 Rop/Oman Engineering & Cont. Llc Completed
Dewatering Facility At Raba Field & Qarn Alam 2019 Pdo/Fos Completed
Falaj Manuel Pipe Jacking At Nizwa 2019 Gulf Engineering Projects Completed
Ibri 11 Solar Pv Independent Power Project 2019-2021 POWER CHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC) Completed
Oman Botanik Garden-Al Khouhd 2019-2020 New Era Establishment Completed
Infrastructure Facilities For Expansion Of Rusayl Industrial Estate-Pak 2 A Lower Area 2019-2020 The Arab Contractor Oman Ltd Completed
Oman Cultural Center, Al Hail North 2019-2021 Bin Al Sheikh Holding Completed
Epc3, Duqm Refinery- Technical Team Supply 2020-2022 Asala Of Middle East Llc (Inscaf) Completed
Agreement No. Osp/Ooredoo- Dgps Survey /Ur/2020/002 ( 3year’s Contract) 2019-2022 Oman Fiber Optic Company Saoc Completed
Techincal Services Provided (3 Year’s Contract) 2019-2022 Keller Ground Engineering Llc Completed
Topographical Survey Servies Provided 2019-2022 Dg Consultant Completed
Techincal & Earthwork Services Provided (3 Year’s Contract) Extendable 2017-2022 Zptech Completed
Ibri 11 Solar Pv Independent Power Project 2020 Sur United International Llc Completed
Aswad Quarry-Earthwork Servies 2020 Tech Rock Oman Completed
Liwa Quarry-Earthwork Servies 2020 Tech Rock Oman Completed
Khasab Quarry-Earthwork Servies 2020 Tech Rock Oman Completed
Al Bandar Development Project 2020 Mod/Al Bandar Development Project Saoc Completed
Pdo-Max Projects Manpower Provided 2021-2022 Pdo/Arabian Industries Projects Llc Completed
Ibri 11 Solar Pv Independent Power Project 2021 Huadong Ibri Pv Constructions Llc Completed
Fixing The Interlock 2021 Gps Completed
Construction Of Sewer & Treated Effluent (Te) 2021-2022 Hassan Allam Construction Oman Branch Completed
Yiti Quarry Design & Earthwork Contract 2021 Sarooj Constrction Company Completed
Construction Of Water Networks At Al Hamra 2022 Galfar Completed
 Reinforcement Of Ad Dakhiliyah Water Transmision System-Phase Ii (1.6 Dia Pipeline Trunch Excavation And Backfilling) & Plot Developments (Fanja Reservior) 2021-2022 L&T Completed
Dsign & Construction Works For Internal Asphalt Road At Al Khouhd Insdie And Outside The Krookie No: 01-05-007-01-2233 Ph-1 (8000 Sq.M) 2022 Mohammad Hamed Mohammed Al Sarmi Completed
Prj-104-2021-Design & Construction Works For Municipal Waste Tranfer Station Facilities At Al-Misfah In Bosher For Beah 2021-2022 Be’ah / Muna Noor Engineering & Contracting Llc In Progress


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